yass yass 🌃🙌

yass yass 🌃🙌

art, brother, pop, skeleton 💀✌️ (at Catskill Art & Office Supply)

art, brother, pop, skeleton 💀✌️ (at Catskill Art & Office Supply)

"Remember: Magic spells take many forms, from spoken word to candle burning, to mixing oils, to something as simple as posting an image on the wall. Your energy, focus and intent are what transform simple actions, words and gestures into magic spells."

Judika Illes, Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

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Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon (346 plays)


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Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Acoustic) (180,017 plays)

I Follow Rivers (Acoustic)

Used in the UK trailer for Blue Is The Warmest Color


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Smokey Quartz - Photos by Lunar-Bunnie 

oh god yes

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likesrslyashley replied to your post: OKAY so my brothers girlfriend he’s be…

AW! happy to know Dylan is in good witchy hands :)



OKAY so my brothers girlfriend he’s been with for a while, that he just moved in with, is super lovely and amazing. a bit older than him, and he’s stillsuch a baby but it seems to be working out real well and i like her a lot, WELL she sent a bunch of stuff from him and her for my birthday and i know it was all her cause my little brother never gets me stuff….BUT okay so! i’m really hard to buy jewelry for no one has ever ever gotten me a piece of jewelry i fell in love with and i  never feel attached to any jewelry i buy and i hate it. and so she MADE ME this necklace, and as soon as i put it on i was like omg. it feels so good, and falls so good. it’s made with rutilated cherry quartz 

(Quartz stones that contains mineral inclusions are called “rutilated quartz” or “sagenite”, popularly known as Venus-hair stone. Rutiles are small needlelike crystals. These may be red, black or brassy yellow.

Red rutilated quartz (Cherry Quartz):

Red rutile is an energy stone. Wear it or place it on your altar while performing magic rituals to increase the power of your magic spells. The needle inclusions add intensity and transmission power to the crystal. Red rutilated quartz makes a powerful healing stone for this reason.

Healing Properties of Red Rutilated Quartz

It is used to aid respiratory difficulties, regeneration of cells, flow of energy throughout the body. It is an excellent balancing stone for a sad or weak heart.)

and it’s so strange, my mom was freaking out bc she said there’s these sort of golden/reddish rings in my eyes? around the green? you can’t really see it in these weird pictures BUT she was like it’s so crazy to look down and up bc the necklace matches your eyes so hard and it feels so good and his girlfriend is magic and definitely witchy and fantastic and i am never ever taking this off it feels so good.!!!!!!!!

DISCIPLINE - LIVING WITH - Ana Kras and Devendra Banhart from Discipline Design on Vimeo.

DISCIPLINE - LIVING WITH - Ana Kras and Devendra Banhart

these two beautiful angels though…… 

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i’ve seen your bravery, and will follow you there.